2015 Saturday Morning Breaks

Saturday I was not at the front of the tour, and of coarse and issue arose. I received a phone call from a tour member who was standing at a washed out road on our route. The Speedsters were all able to climb through and over the obstacles, but I skipped the Blackhawk War Fort and the only briefly stopped at Apple River Canyon State park before pushing onward to lunch. Pics from someone else hopefully to follow.

2015 Friday Potosi National Brewery Museum.

We were still 30+ miles from the Lodge and it was already 5:00. I sat down and had a Steamboat Shandy Summer Ale on the Patio and enjoyed some Cheese Curds with Joe and Lauren. I didn’t take a single picture. We drove right passed the Dickeyville Grotto and Hillclimb Road to make it back in time for the Luau. Great roads on the way back, most folks missed a turn that took some of us down a carefully planned trail full of scenic surprises and right into Galena.